Friday, May 30, 2008


This was a project included in one of the face moulds i bought from Canada,Shades of Clay,i followed the instructions and she came out lovely,not sure what to do with her but adds to my womens face collection nicely.I like projects that make you feel clever!!!

She is actually copper with copper mica powder and seems to look pink or purple in some pics.


This is my new bracelet "drifting" from a pattern by Margie Deeb in her book Beading her Image.This book is lovely just to own and all her patterns are done in brick/peyote,and square/loom stitches. I love square i know where the next bead goes,peyote does my fibro fogged head in. I am going to make maiden,mother,crone bracelet,since my daughter had Cleopatra i am now the crone,that's Mrs Crone to you lol. Pouring rain and cold on the east coast of OZ,must be winter lol. The delica colours Margie chose for this actually show the face well,and when tilted a little, sparkle like sun on water.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Just an odd pic of my long little finger nail.I usually keep this one long,my nails grow really well after chewing them off the first 15 years of my life.People ask me if its real which i find really funny.Its about 3cm and will probably come off soon.

Can also be used as a bead scoop not recommended for picking the nose lol.


Love buying and getting stuff in the mail.This is some beads from whim beads all size 11 for dolls,two fat quarters of japanese print material from ebay and some heads i made using two moulds from Canada,all arrived on the same day,as i was feeling dreadful i couldnt get up and play,but could still look.


This is a pic of a lizard called a land mullet,not because they are flatish like the fish but because they give off a foul fishy stink when hassled.We called this one Mr Black ,but when he turned up with 2 babies,maybe Mrs Black! Its hard to get much info on these and i havent found another pic of one with babies,didnt know they cared for there young,enjoy Julia

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Took time out from beading dolls to make this lovely runes bracelet,its done in black,gold and my favourite jewel colours.The pattern is from Jill Oxton's magazine an aussie publication,and done in square stitch,was to be done in delicas but was too small for my wearing so did it in 11's.Enjoy!

Weather has really changed here and is so lovely,cool/cold night and morning and bright warm sunny in the day,love it.