Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Julia's Favourite Brand

I bought this pattern from Claudia at Happyland,as a painful non-smoker i thought it was cute and funny and a perfect present for my fagging friend.The first one i made 2 small,2nd one proper size,they are fun and easy to make.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Xmas faery etc

No its not the xmas faery,well maybe to me,its my granddaughter Cleopatra in her faery dress that we bought her and doesnt she look rapt.
This is also the hot air balloon ornament i made her for xmas,its a Muridar Gardiner pattern that i have had for years,simple netting and a square stitch basket,hope she likes it.


Have been absent for quite a while now,my beading muse collapsed and my get up and go got up and went,i couldnt see anything i liked,couldnt see the point of beading anymore stuff to keep in my room for the occasional time i went out.
Sometimes life just becomes so small when you are permanetly ill,go nowhere,see and talk to no-one.
Lucky i had reluctantly signed up for the beaded hand challenge on BDZ,and had to finish it,i ran out of beads and had to send to the US for more,however finishing it felt so good,and i am slowly getting back on the horse.
I called my hand Maharani,i thought a female sultan but thats a sultana wasnt calling it that,hopefully it will be appreciated,my UK cousin asked if it was a real hand haha,a compliment i suppose?