Monday, January 17, 2011


This is light and dark a two sided pendant that i made after beading around a rivoli for another project i thought i would do 2 contrasting sides.One side is copper/greens,the other silver/light purple.It's a cute pendant and is also for sale,i have so much stuff,$40us plus postage.
Email me at juliacraftylady@gmail if interested.

The floods here in australia have devastated so many people,an instant inland tsnumai,death destruction and mud everywhere,sad and awful.As usual aussies came back with spirit and thousands of volunteers decended on Brisbane and cleaned up other peoples homes and businesses.


I just had to make another one of these and in blue it's gorgeous,Blue Monday is for sale,$80 us, plus postage,if interested please email me ,it has a blue swarovski rivoli,and crystals,and can have a pendant loop on it or glued to brooch pin.