Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pearls and all

I finally got my daughters 30th birthday present finished,its a pearl,well MOPearl,3 strand that she saw when i had marlene blessing and jamie hogsetts Pearl book from the library.Sourcing the ovals was a bit tough and i couldnt get brown and white just white,7 strands from Beadaholique on ebay.
I am giving it to her tomorrow,bit late,hope she loves it.
I also made from the same book a long strand of mixed real and glass pearls for myself,not really my style but hey they look nice,if it ever gets cold enough here to wear a jumper they might go.I made a coin pearl bracelet from this book,pic in a previous post,i keep borrowing it from the library lol.
The ring is a malachite one i bought from Gemfest here in town,i also got some onyx cresent shaped beads,a strand of fluorite,some cheap tiny pearls for embroidery and the tiniest 2mm watermelon tourmaline strand,no idea what i'll do with it but i love watermelon tourmaline,just cant afford it lol.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tdddaaaaa,Cross Of Agadez

Well i cant beleive i have made this one,when i bought Diane Fitzgeralds book Dimensional Peyote i knew i was peyote impaired,but a wonderful design and lots of work and i have it.
The parts are done in steel delicas 021 with olivine glass cabs all bought from Beadaholique on US ebay,with the aus dollar worth just over half US things are pricier but i get what i want there.
The first square took me ages to get right and then things got a little faster,the trick is not to miss youre step up in the peyote and get the corner beads to sit right.
Dave calls this the medals of the order of the crafty people as he says they look like medals,i just gaze at it and think "i did That" the cry of satisfied beaders across the globe.