Friday, July 31, 2009

Stone Pendants or Julias Everincreasing Beadstash

These 3 pendants are part of my latest thing,i found the 5 peice picture jasper?one while browsing on US ebay,the shop Walybeads has some of the most lovely stones,cut in every way and shape and i won all of these for great prices like $7us or so. Not sure what to do with them yet,but very pleased,wweeeeee!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lovely Lotus

Well i have a thing about Lotus at the moment,you know how you do,have been buying pendants,looking at tattoos etc,and came across these base metal connectors,yes on Etsy! I dont actually have loads of money or time,its just that i spend a lot of time ill in bed,when i am ok but not to get up i browse etsy and as i havent been out for weeks have a little spare cash.
This IS my own design and i love it to bits,i wore black to the shops and it was just a stunner of a set.As my muse had deserted me and i thought my beading ability had gone out the window this picked me up no end.


I saw this pic on a Vintaj brass ad in a magazine and then went to there site.Tracked down Vintaj bits here in oz at Alchemy and Ice. This necklace went together so well and i was very surprised at how the brass made the blue/green pop.
I have some other beads and shell pendants that could use something wrapped and glued to them,and also bought another focal bead and 4 round sea type focal beads from EbbNFlow on Etsy to make a sea themed one. I have had so many compliments and ooohhss and aahhhs when i wear it out and it can be a variety of lengths as i just added a toggle bar to one end chain side so it can be put through any link on the other side. Its certainly not my own design but i just love it!!!


Just using up an old pendant that needs a new life,i thought it came out well with the gemstone colours and the tiny star beads.