Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I found this pattern in a copy of bead and button magazine,i kept getting drawn back to it,which is odd as its not my usual style,or colours,pastels arrggg,so i decided to make it with the delicas i had on hand.I picked a transparent pink and a pearly white.
I learnt a lot making this,bead cages for the fire polished beads and just how you can be drwan to things,i decided it was because its so organic in style and flow,and i love Biwa pearls.I named it Nacre after the coating that is laid down by the oyster to make a pearl,it reminded me of the film Dr Doolittle i saw as a child when he goes inside the snails shell.
It is a spiral herringbone tube,with caged firepolish crystal beads,branch fringe and Biwa pearls,

India blues and new kit

I bought these silver beads from my local Spotlight store,they were on a small display and i loved them,i had some lovely blue stones and drops and voila i had india Blues.This set took me an hour to whip up and i love it to bits,this year blue seems to be my new purple lol.
i also bought myself a kit i had been coveting for ages from Sig Wynn-Evans called art nouveau dragons,its sort of gothic as well.After i had paid for it and saw how much it was after currency exchange into aussie dollars,i emailed Sig to tell her i had paid,the lovely woman put a matching earring kit in with it,how fab.
Sigs site is www.thebeadedbear.com and she has some great patterns,kits and patterns to buy as downloads,she is also the authour of The Cracked Bead which is ahysterical look at the beading world,with swear words thrown in,a really good read and a good warning haha.

Which came first?

The pants or the bangle,well the pants actually have had them since last summer and when i saw the 8 delica colour i thought wow,the other colour is gold but didnt photograph as gold but they look good together.