Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Julia's Favourite Brand

I bought this pattern from Claudia at Happyland,as a painful non-smoker i thought it was cute and funny and a perfect present for my fagging friend.The first one i made 2 small,2nd one proper size,they are fun and easy to make.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Xmas faery etc

No its not the xmas faery,well maybe to me,its my granddaughter Cleopatra in her faery dress that we bought her and doesnt she look rapt.
This is also the hot air balloon ornament i made her for xmas,its a Muridar Gardiner pattern that i have had for years,simple netting and a square stitch basket,hope she likes it.


Have been absent for quite a while now,my beading muse collapsed and my get up and go got up and went,i couldnt see anything i liked,couldnt see the point of beading anymore stuff to keep in my room for the occasional time i went out.
Sometimes life just becomes so small when you are permanetly ill,go nowhere,see and talk to no-one.
Lucky i had reluctantly signed up for the beaded hand challenge on BDZ,and had to finish it,i ran out of beads and had to send to the US for more,however finishing it felt so good,and i am slowly getting back on the horse.
I called my hand Maharani,i thought a female sultan but thats a sultana wasnt calling it that,hopefully it will be appreciated,my UK cousin asked if it was a real hand haha,a compliment i suppose?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I found this pattern in a copy of bead and button magazine,i kept getting drawn back to it,which is odd as its not my usual style,or colours,pastels arrggg,so i decided to make it with the delicas i had on hand.I picked a transparent pink and a pearly white.
I learnt a lot making this,bead cages for the fire polished beads and just how you can be drwan to things,i decided it was because its so organic in style and flow,and i love Biwa pearls.I named it Nacre after the coating that is laid down by the oyster to make a pearl,it reminded me of the film Dr Doolittle i saw as a child when he goes inside the snails shell.
It is a spiral herringbone tube,with caged firepolish crystal beads,branch fringe and Biwa pearls,

India blues and new kit

I bought these silver beads from my local Spotlight store,they were on a small display and i loved them,i had some lovely blue stones and drops and voila i had india Blues.This set took me an hour to whip up and i love it to bits,this year blue seems to be my new purple lol.
i also bought myself a kit i had been coveting for ages from Sig Wynn-Evans called art nouveau dragons,its sort of gothic as well.After i had paid for it and saw how much it was after currency exchange into aussie dollars,i emailed Sig to tell her i had paid,the lovely woman put a matching earring kit in with it,how fab.
Sigs site is and she has some great patterns,kits and patterns to buy as downloads,she is also the authour of The Cracked Bead which is ahysterical look at the beading world,with swear words thrown in,a really good read and a good warning haha.

Which came first?

The pants or the bangle,well the pants actually have had them since last summer and when i saw the 8 delica colour i thought wow,the other colour is gold but didnt photograph as gold but they look good together.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Just popped in to show my new peyote bangles made in 8 delicas,wow 8 delicas,youre fave bead now you can see it too!This was easy and fun,looks cool,and makes you want to make more.It would be great if you were learning peyote as the holes are big where the next bead needs to go.
My big news is that my new grandchild expected in jan is a BOY!!!as his sister is already here and the light of my life this is great news.
My girl poodle Roxy is 6 months old now and really was the pick of the litter shes a beauty. this is the link for the pattern,enjoy!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Stone Pendants or Julias Everincreasing Beadstash

These 3 pendants are part of my latest thing,i found the 5 peice picture jasper?one while browsing on US ebay,the shop Walybeads has some of the most lovely stones,cut in every way and shape and i won all of these for great prices like $7us or so. Not sure what to do with them yet,but very pleased,wweeeeee!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lovely Lotus

Well i have a thing about Lotus at the moment,you know how you do,have been buying pendants,looking at tattoos etc,and came across these base metal connectors,yes on Etsy! I dont actually have loads of money or time,its just that i spend a lot of time ill in bed,when i am ok but not to get up i browse etsy and as i havent been out for weeks have a little spare cash.
This IS my own design and i love it to bits,i wore black to the shops and it was just a stunner of a set.As my muse had deserted me and i thought my beading ability had gone out the window this picked me up no end.


I saw this pic on a Vintaj brass ad in a magazine and then went to there site.Tracked down Vintaj bits here in oz at Alchemy and Ice. This necklace went together so well and i was very surprised at how the brass made the blue/green pop.
I have some other beads and shell pendants that could use something wrapped and glued to them,and also bought another focal bead and 4 round sea type focal beads from EbbNFlow on Etsy to make a sea themed one. I have had so many compliments and ooohhss and aahhhs when i wear it out and it can be a variety of lengths as i just added a toggle bar to one end chain side so it can be put through any link on the other side. Its certainly not my own design but i just love it!!!


Just using up an old pendant that needs a new life,i thought it came out well with the gemstone colours and the tiny star beads.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Made this yesterday to match my malachite ring,most of the beads i bought at spotlight,blue moon beads,and some 4mm malachites i have had for ages.I bent the dragonfly aroung the shell pendant and glued in place,i saw it done on a Vintaj ad in B+B.I have also ordered some Vintaj bits from a shop in oz,ALCHEMY AND ICE,saves postage from US,will tell how it goes,and have some more deco bits coming from Etsy,wwwhhhhhoooooo.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pearls and all

I finally got my daughters 30th birthday present finished,its a pearl,well MOPearl,3 strand that she saw when i had marlene blessing and jamie hogsetts Pearl book from the library.Sourcing the ovals was a bit tough and i couldnt get brown and white just white,7 strands from Beadaholique on ebay.
I am giving it to her tomorrow,bit late,hope she loves it.
I also made from the same book a long strand of mixed real and glass pearls for myself,not really my style but hey they look nice,if it ever gets cold enough here to wear a jumper they might go.I made a coin pearl bracelet from this book,pic in a previous post,i keep borrowing it from the library lol.
The ring is a malachite one i bought from Gemfest here in town,i also got some onyx cresent shaped beads,a strand of fluorite,some cheap tiny pearls for embroidery and the tiniest 2mm watermelon tourmaline strand,no idea what i'll do with it but i love watermelon tourmaline,just cant afford it lol.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tdddaaaaa,Cross Of Agadez

Well i cant beleive i have made this one,when i bought Diane Fitzgeralds book Dimensional Peyote i knew i was peyote impaired,but a wonderful design and lots of work and i have it.
The parts are done in steel delicas 021 with olivine glass cabs all bought from Beadaholique on US ebay,with the aus dollar worth just over half US things are pricier but i get what i want there.
The first square took me ages to get right and then things got a little faster,the trick is not to miss youre step up in the peyote and get the corner beads to sit right.
Dave calls this the medals of the order of the crafty people as he says they look like medals,i just gaze at it and think "i did That" the cry of satisfied beaders across the globe.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Beautality is word that was coined to describe art deco,beauty+functionality,and i have looking through a fab deco book and some talk of it going on on a bead group.
I bought these findings from Etsy and just new they somehow had to go with the deco triangle i peyoted from diane Fitzgeralds book,so here it is,it fell into place last night.I think the black beads and the moonstone cubes go well. PS the 2nd pic added later,much clearer.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

One Bracelet

One bracelet thats all i have to show,the last month has been weird and sad,a death and now an impending death,my son in laws family now my partners,and with the recession and stuff life seems a bit tougher.
I also decided that the side effects from my Norspan pain patches,that help with my fibro pain were to much,so i stopped wearing it,dont go there its awful,experienced cold turkey withdrawal symptoms,and it was hell.
Roxy has grown up some more and i did bead this bracelet,pattern by Marie Starr called desert dawn,i changed a few colours though,i bought Dianne Fitzgeralds dimensional peyote beading,and was surprised i liked so many projects,trouble is i am not a peyote wizz,have managed an embellished triangle deco style pendant and a couple of squares of Star of Agadiz necklace.
The delicas cost a bomb,steel ones and it took me ages to get the square done,only to have my beading turned over by a rat (we live in a forest,they are natives,cute but pests) and it knocked off my square,was spitting chips.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Not much beading being done here despite buying a great south western style bracelet from Starr Design Studio called Desert Dawn,been trying to get enough sleep and clean up wees and poos ,though for 8 weeks old she is pretty good.So no new beading pics but here is Roxy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Expecting lol!

Well i am expecting in a funny sort of way,next Saturday i am picking up my new puppy,a black shiny ball of poodle wool with a nose haha,she is a miniature(not the little one thats a toy) poodle girl i have named Roxy and she will be microchipped,vacinated and 8 weeks old and ready to come home.
I mer her last week and feel like the mum who left the baby at the hospital,she will be meeting up with our 6yold apricot boy named Ra,and hopefully it will go well.
here is a pic of Roxy,Roxy with me and Ra.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Pearls

These pearls i bought from etsy,described as black south sea island shell pearls,apparently made from crushed pearl shell and dye and shaped round,they are quite heavy and so beautiful to wear and touch,they look darkest green,gunmetal or black depending on the light.
Ever since i got them i wanted this design but thought it to simple,but today was it,and the israel silver clasp tops it off.And i still have another strand to use wwwoooeeee.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Just finished this square stitch bracelet from a pattern i bought,will put up where when i find it again,its lovely colours and i enjoyed it and the toggle goes well.
Also some earrings i did in 5 seconds from ,yes pearls again,still trying on the rain video!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

At Last

This pendant in SS was bought for me a few years ago and i have been trying to make a necklace to hold it,show it off and not hide it,well i got some Blue Moon beads from my local Spotlight shop for xmas and these round metal ones went perfect with it,so here it is ready to go.
I wore my pearls and lillies out the other day and got so many compliments,i laugh when people ask me were i get so much jewellery and they never see it in shops,funny most people dont think i made it,and i ask people who wear stuff i admire,did you make it?very queer looks.
This is another clearer pic of the fuschia,the light was just right,bright but cloudy.