Friday, February 27, 2009


Not much beading being done here despite buying a great south western style bracelet from Starr Design Studio called Desert Dawn,been trying to get enough sleep and clean up wees and poos ,though for 8 weeks old she is pretty good.So no new beading pics but here is Roxy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Expecting lol!

Well i am expecting in a funny sort of way,next Saturday i am picking up my new puppy,a black shiny ball of poodle wool with a nose haha,she is a miniature(not the little one thats a toy) poodle girl i have named Roxy and she will be microchipped,vacinated and 8 weeks old and ready to come home.
I mer her last week and feel like the mum who left the baby at the hospital,she will be meeting up with our 6yold apricot boy named Ra,and hopefully it will go well.
here is a pic of Roxy,Roxy with me and Ra.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Pearls

These pearls i bought from etsy,described as black south sea island shell pearls,apparently made from crushed pearl shell and dye and shaped round,they are quite heavy and so beautiful to wear and touch,they look darkest green,gunmetal or black depending on the light.
Ever since i got them i wanted this design but thought it to simple,but today was it,and the israel silver clasp tops it off.And i still have another strand to use wwwoooeeee.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Just finished this square stitch bracelet from a pattern i bought,will put up where when i find it again,its lovely colours and i enjoyed it and the toggle goes well.
Also some earrings i did in 5 seconds from ,yes pearls again,still trying on the rain video!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

At Last

This pendant in SS was bought for me a few years ago and i have been trying to make a necklace to hold it,show it off and not hide it,well i got some Blue Moon beads from my local Spotlight shop for xmas and these round metal ones went perfect with it,so here it is ready to go.
I wore my pearls and lillies out the other day and got so many compliments,i laugh when people ask me were i get so much jewellery and they never see it in shops,funny most people dont think i made it,and i ask people who wear stuff i admire,did you make it?very queer looks.
This is another clearer pic of the fuschia,the light was just right,bright but cloudy.

Back To Beading

Okay back to beads,i seem to have a thing about pearls at the moment,Marlene Blessing-Jamie Hogset book from the library and few good buys on ebay,well they were good before the currency converter showed them in oz dollars,GULP.
First i made the pearl bracelet from coin pearls,it was a lot of fussing about for me as it is done in RAW (right angle weave) and in the book it looked stunning,especially on the black skinned model,on my moontan it looses something but i can always unpick it.

Try the video again!!!

Sorry video wont go,try another time.

In The Crystal Forest

Some pics of the place where i live and some wildlife etc.A parrot that came in a huge flock and he came down near the house to eat seeds,wow they chatter away, so pretty the colours are amazing. I went outside to a flock of birds in a tree right near my verandah a few years ago and said "hello cocky" to them,as you do,when no-one is listening haha,one of them piped back"hello want a cuppa tea",then "want a biscuit?" i was as stunned as if my poodle spoke to me,it was very funny,it must have been an escapee froma cage. The land mullet lives here and last year they had 2 babies and this year one. The rain is just amazing especially after a hot hot summer day,yeah i know we all get rain,the vidoe isnt great on picture but listen to our rain,its deafening!