Friday, April 11, 2008


Just a quick pic for anyone who hasnt seen a kookaburra,he lives in the tree outside my window,or i live outside his tree,the branch in the front page pic,enjoy!


Well finally finished my first beaded art doll,a bit like pics of the firstborn.It's funny how if you put a face on something it grows a peronality.I see Freya with her baby in/on her belly as a fertility goddess,and she fits nicely into youre hand,100% beading feels and looks amazing.

I did take quite a while,went into a blank for a bit then charming pet poodle bit me,squashing and bleeding 3 of my fingers which stopped me beading,i can type one handed but not bead.

If you want to work with beads and do something different i'd definitley recommend a doll.