Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Some pics of my jewellery and beading for you to enjoy,the pics arent fantastic but with the new camera will get better,watch this space lol.

Check out my Slide Show!


Just been to visit the family a couple of valley's over and met this amazing storm on the way home,taking photos from the car i felt like one of those stormchasers on tv. Started off near little country church,a lot around here,some still used,some made into houses,i love weather but have to admit have never been a victim of its rages so that helps,enjoy!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

my beaded jewellery

Just put up the address at webshots for my beaded jewellery,there is stringing,beadwork,and some more pics of where i live in australia.

Before beading i was a miniaturist,dollhouses,roomboxes etc,and made most of the stuff myself. I had to stop as i just simply ran out of room,we have 5 houses in the lounge room and a couple more and roomboxes,a lighthouse etc in the craft room. My names at webshots for the mini's are craftyladyjulia and later work under ravenspell,one of my houses is ravens keep.

Working on the beaded doll,its just lots of time getting the right beads in the right spot and with the chronic fatigue and fibro some days are just bed days.

This is my seaweed necklace a made 2 years ago,it reminds me when i am down that i do make stuff lol. I love this it looks so organic like a seaweed tangled up with bits.

Monday, February 18, 2008

An about face

So i decided on a purple face and somehow some blue came up in it,i couldnt have done it if i tried. After her about face i started with some beads in mauve,a silver bugle ladder and a heamatite cab.She is called PRACTICE MAKES........PURPLE! i think as in this case it does.

This is a pic of the doll layed out and a goddess template from my group that i want to get some gold material for as i think it would make a great hindu goddess,talk about the prospect of going over the top with beading

I then stitched her up and glued on the face and promptly didnt like it,lol


I have always wanted to document of peice of my work picture by picture,so now with the help of my birthday present camera and my first art doll i can. My first doll is a sort of goddess shape and will be done mainly in purple,fave colour,and silver as i have more beads of those colours.I made a copper poly clay face and started off

Friday, February 15, 2008

Flame cuff that i did in square stitch,pattern was in B+B mag as a loom pattern


This is called dragon scale as i think it looks like it fell off a dragon.It was done in 11,8 and 6 seed beads in peyote,making it dimensional,you need a tight tension to pull it into the pattern. The pattern was a free one available at


This is some pics of a cuff i made for a challenge on beaddreamz beading group.I was reluctant to make one as i didnt think it would be my style or that i would wear it,so i made this square stitch flame cuff first,then the embroidered one.It was fun and i now like it very much and have worn it out.