Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Beautality is word that was coined to describe art deco,beauty+functionality,and i have looking through a fab deco book and some talk of it going on on a bead group.
I bought these findings from Etsy and just new they somehow had to go with the deco triangle i peyoted from diane Fitzgeralds book,so here it is,it fell into place last night.I think the black beads and the moonstone cubes go well. PS the 2nd pic added later,much clearer.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

One Bracelet

One bracelet thats all i have to show,the last month has been weird and sad,a death and now an impending death,my son in laws family now my partners,and with the recession and stuff life seems a bit tougher.
I also decided that the side effects from my Norspan pain patches,that help with my fibro pain were to much,so i stopped wearing it,dont go there its awful,experienced cold turkey withdrawal symptoms,and it was hell.
Roxy has grown up some more and i did bead this bracelet,pattern by Marie Starr called desert dawn,i changed a few colours though,i bought Dianne Fitzgeralds dimensional peyote beading,and was surprised i liked so many projects,trouble is i am not a peyote wizz,have managed an embellished triangle deco style pendant and a couple of squares of Star of Agadiz necklace.
The delicas cost a bomb,steel ones and it took me ages to get the square done,only to have my beading turned over by a rat (we live in a forest,they are natives,cute but pests) and it knocked off my square,was spitting chips.