Sunday, December 21, 2008

Flat Spiral mania

Well i am posting again,sometimes i dont know what to say if i havent beaded,here in oz its horribly hot,it makes you sweaty and weak and my brain just doesnt work.
On 2 of my bead groups people have been infected with the flat spiral virus,little did Aunties Beads realiaze that there video tutorial would turn out to ba all the rage this year.At,or you tube Karla Kam or flat spiral is the tut and it is so simple and fast to work up they have been appearinmg in all colours and beads,pearls,gemstones,cathedrals,as well as the bicones shown.
I have made my first and soon 2nd and enjoyed it very much,mine is turquoise rounds,black 11 triangles and silver drop beads.