Sunday, December 21, 2008

Flat Spiral mania

Well i am posting again,sometimes i dont know what to say if i havent beaded,here in oz its horribly hot,it makes you sweaty and weak and my brain just doesnt work.
On 2 of my bead groups people have been infected with the flat spiral virus,little did Aunties Beads realiaze that there video tutorial would turn out to ba all the rage this year.At,or you tube Karla Kam or flat spiral is the tut and it is so simple and fast to work up they have been appearinmg in all colours and beads,pearls,gemstones,cathedrals,as well as the bicones shown.
I have made my first and soon 2nd and enjoyed it very much,mine is turquoise rounds,black 11 triangles and silver drop beads.

Friday, November 7, 2008


This is my favourite necklace at the moment,i liked it ever since i saw it in Beadwork Magazine but i couldnt doo all the stitches at the time.It is done in copper11 hex cuts,steel cylinder 11's,bronze pearls,bronze daggers,permanent finish 11's silver and metal spacers.The band across is odd count petote,then brick stitch,herringbone straps,ladder stitch strap holders.
As i had a bashed up bruised hand and couldnt bead for a while i was thrilled to get back to it even slowly.The magazine called it Byzantium,and it seemed to suit.It actually looks better on,i am not really a collar person having a round face but this looks like it was made for me hahaha.My partner said it looked like it had been dug up,in man speak apparantley thats a complimnent meaning it looks old valuable and in a museum,i beleive him lol.


I made this Fuschia from a pattern in an aussie publication,Jill Oxtons Cross Stitch and beading.It looked very hard to me but as i just learnt brick stitch it wasnt at all.I love the colours purple,magenta,fuschia etc and this shines like mad with its swarovski bicones and cube crystal.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Another of juanita's designs but this one took me ages as peyote is not my forte and drove me nuts.This is done in 2 drop which is easier to see the space left by 2 delica's instead of one lol,and reflects juanita's love of Africa where she lived.The white pearl AB and matte black really pop in this design.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Just finished a lovely bracelet that i call Deco Lines as the bold colours really show off the clever pattern. The original pattern ,called Iridium meaning rainbow ,was done in softer gold tone colours and if you havent seen Juanitas patterns,do youre self a favour and go look.

Juanitas love of Africa is reflected in her patterns,with giraffe,elephant etc,art deco,florals,egyptian,something for most tastes,in brick peyote and square stitch. She has a brilliant bracelet with cut out parts for the more experienced or those looking for something new or unusual,as you can tell i love her stuff.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


For our 20th anniversary we went to Byron Bay for lunch,overlooking the sea.Dave bought me this gorgeous art nouveau dish/plate/earring holder,it looks like brass but is actually resin,so well done,she even has a shiny bottom,and a purple lotus bud,and her finger is swirling the water.I adore it and put earrings in it as soon as we got home.It was a lovely day all cool and cloudy and grey,i just about keel over on nice sunny hot days,like today.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Heidi Kummli Pendant

I have liked this pattern for a while now,it is meant to be done on a loom,but you can square stitch loom patterns so i did.The silver beads are Toho permanent finish ,and the other beads my favourite jewel colours,though the purple beads show up blue in the pic.

As i didnt have a cabochon the size i needed i made one by mixing a scrap of silver sculpey into black and pressed into a cab mold i bought from a shop in Canada,baked and put on Liquid Glass and voila,gemstone cab.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Just put these earrings together the other day and they are dangly and sparkly.I used 4square swarovski's in a colour called Tabac,(sure that was grandads aftershave) and just some loops of chain,very nice!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Bought this gorgeous strand of stones,was told they were chrysachola? but most people agreed african turquoise.I love gemstones and didnt want to detract from them so just used a few filler beads and a pewter goddess pendant,the colours are amazing in real life!!!


Well i have been ill with one thing after another so havent been in the mood to blog or have much to say,except cough a lot and complain,so suprised over 900 people have been here.

Have made a macrame necklace that i have wanted to make for years,wasnt to bad at it since havent done it since i was 14 lol.

Had a beautiful purple moonstone pendant to use,it came out great and i get lots of compliments when i wear it to the supermarket!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Dreaded flu going around and as i have low immune system have had the flu shot,saves me getting hospitalized each year lol,but still feel like rubbish,cant make anything,so down and depressed and walking about in winter on the verandah with not much on to try and cool down,coughing etc and no sleep,no wonder people used to/still do die of flu,i am fed up.No pics no making anything,cough cough.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Just completed my symbolic doll that was an online class given by Kristen,as a class from BAD beaded art dolls group.The class was fascinating and plenty of notes and excersises to get in touch with youre creativity and explore symbolism.

My doll is a dragonfly,a creature that lives in two realms water and air,symbolizes change,joy and maturity and reminds us we are all light.The symbols done in charms down the front are a spiral,life death rebirth,a goddess feminine and fertility,a winged scarab,ladybird,home and family,a sun and a shell.

The wings seemed to not want to be beaded so left them in hoffman batik fabric.

The tail /back of the body was done in matte black 11's and sparkly delicas,done in the round,as i went round i thought it was a lot like life,dark bits sparkly bits,and then back at the front a surprise,or good day etc then back to real life.

This was a fascnating class and i enjoyed it so much.

Friday, May 30, 2008


This was a project included in one of the face moulds i bought from Canada,Shades of Clay,i followed the instructions and she came out lovely,not sure what to do with her but adds to my womens face collection nicely.I like projects that make you feel clever!!!

She is actually copper with copper mica powder and seems to look pink or purple in some pics.


This is my new bracelet "drifting" from a pattern by Margie Deeb in her book Beading her Image.This book is lovely just to own and all her patterns are done in brick/peyote,and square/loom stitches. I love square i know where the next bead goes,peyote does my fibro fogged head in. I am going to make maiden,mother,crone bracelet,since my daughter had Cleopatra i am now the crone,that's Mrs Crone to you lol. Pouring rain and cold on the east coast of OZ,must be winter lol. The delica colours Margie chose for this actually show the face well,and when tilted a little, sparkle like sun on water.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Just an odd pic of my long little finger nail.I usually keep this one long,my nails grow really well after chewing them off the first 15 years of my life.People ask me if its real which i find really funny.Its about 3cm and will probably come off soon.

Can also be used as a bead scoop not recommended for picking the nose lol.


Love buying and getting stuff in the mail.This is some beads from whim beads all size 11 for dolls,two fat quarters of japanese print material from ebay and some heads i made using two moulds from Canada,all arrived on the same day,as i was feeling dreadful i couldnt get up and play,but could still look.


This is a pic of a lizard called a land mullet,not because they are flatish like the fish but because they give off a foul fishy stink when hassled.We called this one Mr Black ,but when he turned up with 2 babies,maybe Mrs Black! Its hard to get much info on these and i havent found another pic of one with babies,didnt know they cared for there young,enjoy Julia

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Took time out from beading dolls to make this lovely runes bracelet,its done in black,gold and my favourite jewel colours.The pattern is from Jill Oxton's magazine an aussie publication,and done in square stitch,was to be done in delicas but was too small for my wearing so did it in 11's.Enjoy!

Weather has really changed here and is so lovely,cool/cold night and morning and bright warm sunny in the day,love it.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Just a quick pic for anyone who hasnt seen a kookaburra,he lives in the tree outside my window,or i live outside his tree,the branch in the front page pic,enjoy!


Well finally finished my first beaded art doll,a bit like pics of the firstborn.It's funny how if you put a face on something it grows a peronality.I see Freya with her baby in/on her belly as a fertility goddess,and she fits nicely into youre hand,100% beading feels and looks amazing.

I did take quite a while,went into a blank for a bit then charming pet poodle bit me,squashing and bleeding 3 of my fingers which stopped me beading,i can type one handed but not bead.

If you want to work with beads and do something different i'd definitley recommend a doll.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Phew i have got the front done and some of the back of my first beaded art doll,i think she is lovely,so much work,i cant imagine how people give them away,what a special present when so many hours and beads! go into them.

If you want to bead and try something other than jewellery i'd say got for it,only the back to go now!!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I thought my first beaded art doll would be my purple one or a mermaid etc,but have been a bit stumped trying to do an 8" doll while trying new pain patches!so have changed down to a small rounder goddess type doll,that has swirls and patterns on the material that gives me a starting point.She is Fertile Freya as she has a baby face on her belly. I made the copper faces and have started the beading and enjoying it heaps. here is the start of Freya.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


This is Serena because she is so serene,,my first all home made doll face,i took the mold myself and made her for a face pin challenge. She hasnt been shot she is going to be a pendant rather than a brooch and she has a headdress type thing on with dangles,swarovski crystals in the top.This was fun to make while i am waiting for my purple doll to decide what beads she is going to wear.

This is the cuff ready to be filled in with beads,a 3 cut blue mix,should be great done.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Decided to do another cuff after i liked the last one(now on older post page) so this one is an indian/ganesh style,like my room and the clothes i wear,having fun with the new camera and the free download program picasa .

Sunday, March 2, 2008


My first art doll is coming along slowly,its harder than it looks ,beads that you think will work dont or dont blend in or pop out as you want.I amlso suffering from S.A.D. hands,stuffing art doll hands,woweee it hurts if you have finbro or any other hand problem,and then its like trying to bead on a brick wall lol.Anyway here is a progress pic,and the yellow goddess to be stuffed,enjoy!