Friday, January 29, 2010

Early Birthday Present or "look what i got"!

I received a cute little box from a beady friend in NC USA,i had an idea what is was but wasnt going to open it till my birthday,so while reading her blog i came across a post Julia's Sea Star and there it was,my present ,so off came the paper,open the box and look what i got,Aryd'ell made it for me and its amazing.
This is the first beaded thing i have been given,and didnt make myself and i love it.
I think the pattern is made by a woman called Lidia who hopefully will be selling it soon,as i won't to make one too.
The colours are fantastic and it looks so realistic,i am thrilled,thanks girlfriend!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bead Like An Egyptian

I spent the last couple of days making this just for the fun of it,i wasnt to bothered where threads and knots went and if i couldnt go up or down a bead as it was full of thread i did another bead,as happens when i bead for myself with no worries it came out great.It was originally a Toika Bridges RIP pattern but her wings were half the size and looked to small for the scrab and i wanted an OTT bezel around it.
I had just finished it and was so rapt but thinking its so typically egyptian like everyones egyptian work when a male friend of Daves came to visit and announced that my native american necklace was good,(he already has glasses) and that native americans use turquoise and silver like that,????,well then there you go not to egyptian after all,dare you to find coral,silver and turquoise in it,haha!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

PHEW its over.

Yah xmas is over for another year,ahh its awful here,to hot,to noisy etc.This is a picture of my buddha i got for xmas,it is called meditating buddha but i think of it as resting,so lovely.
I finally finished Jaycee's pattern Firestorm2,which is lovely.I just have trouble with peyote with lots of colour changes,its me and though i get things done its always a long frusrating journey.
Strangely enough my most unfavourite colour of all time ORANGE!!!!now features in both my latest works,this one being a simple bracelet row of crystals.The pattern is at Rubys Beadwork,the herringbone bangle and i just used black 11's and fire opal 4mm crystals.As a helpful hint i inserted a chenille stem to help it keep stiff and bend nicer and used the trimmed metal ends of the stem to hook around the button magnetic clasps little holes,it held on much better and was easier to bead.I made it on new years eve and i think it looks like fireworks against the black sky,i buy most of my crystals from abovefashion on ebay.
My new grandson is due in 4 days and his mum is very fed up,its hard to be very prenant in the heat.