Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Dreaded flu going around and as i have low immune system have had the flu shot,saves me getting hospitalized each year lol,but still feel like rubbish,cant make anything,so down and depressed and walking about in winter on the verandah with not much on to try and cool down,coughing etc and no sleep,no wonder people used to/still do die of flu,i am fed up.No pics no making anything,cough cough.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Just completed my symbolic doll that was an online class given by Kristen,as a class from BAD beaded art dolls group.The class was fascinating and plenty of notes and excersises to get in touch with youre creativity and explore symbolism.

My doll is a dragonfly,a creature that lives in two realms water and air,symbolizes change,joy and maturity and reminds us we are all light.The symbols done in charms down the front are a spiral,life death rebirth,a goddess feminine and fertility,a winged scarab,ladybird,home and family,a sun and a shell.

The wings seemed to not want to be beaded so left them in hoffman batik fabric.

The tail /back of the body was done in matte black 11's and sparkly delicas,done in the round,as i went round i thought it was a lot like life,dark bits sparkly bits,and then back at the front a surprise,or good day etc then back to real life.

This was a fascnating class and i enjoyed it so much.