Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A New Baby and Some Bits.

Firstly i have a new grandbaby,Seth James Wolfgang White,my son and his partner produced a beautiful baby boy,i am 51 and have 3 grandchildren who i love to bits.
I have been knitting a top in 100% bamboo by Cleckheaton,its the softest loveliest yarn and i am a slow and doddery knitter but its nice to do.
The crystal bracelet was on the cover of beadwork and caught my eye,i get my crystals from abovefashion on ebay and picked all the colours and sizes needed,then went back and got more to make 2 xmas presents.
The necklace of crystals.....well nearly 2 years ago i bought a poodle puppy and the father dogs owner gave me her grandmothers crystals as she liked my jewellery and wanted me to do something with them,easy huh! No way! i have struggled with every colour bead,silver/gold ,pendants drops etc,and finally have decided on this monochrome deco style,now i know why i have seen these always strung together at antique stalls and shops,the are weird to work with as some things deplete there colour,others dull it,some of the colours take over etc etc,not sure whether to email her the pics before sending,or front up with them and hand them over,the pendant would look better and sound less clanky if it was one peice but i havent seen one,(or i would have bought it lol).
The blue set is a london blue topaz,a topaz hit with heat and it goes that colour,as i was born in London and love the colour it was bought for me as a present from OMG Tourmaline on etsy,the other blues are glass,its cute and light to wear and clashes beautifully with my vampire red hair.