Friday, February 19, 2010

John William Waterhouse mermaid

I love Waterhouses art work and saw a pendant similar to mine in a mag a while back,i used to do decoupage so no problem doing the pendant and all the bits came together as Etsy finds came in and just slotted into place.
I am enjoying the fashion of mixed metals especially silver and copper,this is simple but nice.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

White Opal Lotus

This is one of my etsy finds again a sort of lotus flower with side bits.I knew what i wanted to do right away as i love white opal swarovskis and i buy lots of 4mm from abovefashion an ebay seller,around $4 a hundred,bargain i say.I didnt want to put silver beads inbetween and so it shines like mad.
The ring is part of a birthday lot paid for by my partner.Its mingj on ebay and you can buy ring settings there and cut gemstones ,just match the sizes,add a bit of glue,bend prongs,designer ring.The base was $8 and the peridot,which is brilliant cut round like a diamond was $20,another bargain,for a woman with not much money i look expensive haha. 51 tomorrow wow how did i get here lol.