Friday, March 19, 2010

NEPAL bracelet and earrings

I am really thrilled with how this came out,its for a turquoise challenge on Beaddreamz group,i had some beads but found the nepal bead on Etsy for $4,and the copper/sterling ones i bought from Szarka at magpie turquoise,go and check her out if you want to max the cash,she has so much you'd like to buy.
It was hard to get a clear pic as its drizzly and grey most days latley,and i have been very ill and had an eye infection,so at least this makes me feel i have done something this week.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New new new nouveau

This is my latest offering and one i enjoyed immensly making.I used to do decoupage and this was a bit like it.I used rivoli's for the first time but instead of beading them i used settings i bought from Etsy,againlol.
The title is for Dr Who fans,in an episode where the Dr and Rose land in the future opposite the city of new new york,the doctor explains that it has actually been rebuilt 15 times so should be called new,new new,15 times york,new new york for short.I love the art nouveau style though my big love is Deco,if i was rich i would collect deco everything.

Bouquet Cuff

This is a simple garden bracelet i just did.I used wine/red 8 delicas as a base and then just added the flowers and leaves,glued stitched onto aluminium blank covered in ultrasuede.I love the tri colour flowers.
The other pic is my 8 week old grandson Chester,i didnt make him,he looks just like his mother,not as she did as a baby but right now,should be fun watching him grow up.