Saturday, September 20, 2008


For our 20th anniversary we went to Byron Bay for lunch,overlooking the sea.Dave bought me this gorgeous art nouveau dish/plate/earring holder,it looks like brass but is actually resin,so well done,she even has a shiny bottom,and a purple lotus bud,and her finger is swirling the water.I adore it and put earrings in it as soon as we got home.It was a lovely day all cool and cloudy and grey,i just about keel over on nice sunny hot days,like today.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Heidi Kummli Pendant

I have liked this pattern for a while now,it is meant to be done on a loom,but you can square stitch loom patterns so i did.The silver beads are Toho permanent finish ,and the other beads my favourite jewel colours,though the purple beads show up blue in the pic.

As i didnt have a cabochon the size i needed i made one by mixing a scrap of silver sculpey into black and pressed into a cab mold i bought from a shop in Canada,baked and put on Liquid Glass and voila,gemstone cab.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Just put these earrings together the other day and they are dangly and sparkly.I used 4square swarovski's in a colour called Tabac,(sure that was grandads aftershave) and just some loops of chain,very nice!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Bought this gorgeous strand of stones,was told they were chrysachola? but most people agreed african turquoise.I love gemstones and didnt want to detract from them so just used a few filler beads and a pewter goddess pendant,the colours are amazing in real life!!!


Well i have been ill with one thing after another so havent been in the mood to blog or have much to say,except cough a lot and complain,so suprised over 900 people have been here.

Have made a macrame necklace that i have wanted to make for years,wasnt to bad at it since havent done it since i was 14 lol.

Had a beautiful purple moonstone pendant to use,it came out great and i get lots of compliments when i wear it to the supermarket!