Sunday, July 11, 2010


Well i have been away,not physically but mentally,my beads stopped talking to mr,my muse escaped through an open window,and the worst of it was after the panic i didnt care.
I have never gone for long without my hands crafting something,so i bought some crochet patterns,found some free ones and knitting ones and joined some crochet groups and a fibro group.
So i have made a scarf,(yet to block it)kept up with the posts on beading groups,and finished this.
This pic was in Diane Fitzgeralds calendar,i have her book,i Love her book,so made this,with a glass cab eye,small enamel blue scarab,some brass pharoahs,chain and a snake toggle.It felt great and i got lots of feedback on the net and real life.
I was only well enough to leave the house twice for short times in 7 weeks,i think that and that i was racing to bead,buy more,find more patterns and doing nought else made beading a bit job like and i burnt out,i have lots of unfinished projects and thats not me.
I did read SIG"S chapter of her book at and that made me feel better,and while i am knitting ideas for the jungle challenge are pricking at the back of my brain,i am not in a rush i'll wait and see.
The cicada,snake metal mesh necklace,and turquoise sticks are all etsy buys.

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