Saturday, October 9, 2010

Green Sunshine

I have just finished working on this stone,a 27mm lily cut swarovski rivoli,bought from BeadingInThe Rain on ebay.This was from my first buy from Judi and my 2nd lot is on its way,time to spend when the oz dollar is up so high.
Well i have been beading in the rain,its been pouring here for weeks,the kind of grey tedium that goes on and on and maybe we will flood.
I followed a tutorial on a site by oceania i think it was,and enjoyed doing it,would be better if i had my new glasses,next week,yah,and my fibro hands didnt just seize up,really i couldnt make them do a thing and just had to stop.
I finally got to give my granddaughter her dress i knitted her for her 3rd birthday,it was a pattern called tropical lily on and is open at the back like an apron with straps over the shoulder,she looks so cute but was being shy,when nanny arrived swooped on her and put it on,happy 3rd birthday Cleopatra.

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