Monday, December 6, 2010

December Already

Well i thought i posted recently but seems i didnt,i have been beading,yah i found some things i really wanted to do,and strung a necklace from nepal beads,from etsy. I also made a ring,a huge triangle swarovski from beading in the rain on US Ebay,best price i could find.It turned out to match a dress i bought,co-ordinated yet again.
The 2 bracelets i just finished were from BeadworkDec/Jan 2011,pages 77 and 66.The gothic butterfly one is done in red and black,and has wings ,the other was called ouroboros,well thats a snake eating its tail and it looks like a plant to me,even if its an odd one,so i called it Triffid! Its so easy to make herringbone look like flowers and the copper sequins sewn on really topped it off.
The last thing is a little star,from a pattern on try to beads blog,its free,simple and very cute.I upped the size of the crystals so Cleo could wear it around her neck,its a twinkle twinkle as she loves that song,swarovskis for a 3 year old,sure why not!if her name is Cleopatra!
At least i know she wont see it on my blog,unlike my cousins work that i'll put up later.
Its the weirdest summer we have had for years,its cool and very very wet,when its usually 30 c overnight and up to 40c in the day,i am loving the cool but fibro pain is so bad i am wondering if its too wet.

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